Python Certification training for Data Science & Data Analysis

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This is a comprehensive course to learn Python Programming for Data Science, Data Analysis and Data Visualization In this course we will learn:

1) Complete understanding of Python from Scratch

2) Python for Data Science and Business Analysis

List of some Topics that we will cover,

1) NumPy : NumPy array, Indexing and Selection, NumPy Operations

2) Pandas : DataFrames, Series, Matrix, Working on missing data, Reading and Writing files

3) Matplotlib : Data Visualization, Plotting different graphs

4) Data Types

5) If-else statement, For loop and While loop

6) Functions and Methods

7) Object Oriented Programming

Learn Python for Data Science to advance your Career in a fun and practical way !!!

Course Objective

To Learn Python Programming for Data Science and Data Analysis

Who is the Target Audience?

Data Science, Data Analyst Aspirants who want to start with Python

Beginners who have Never Programmed Before

Professionals who want to learn Python for Data Science

Basic Knowledge:

No Prior Knowledge or Experience Needed, Only a passion to learn !

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