Python Bootcamp For Beginners

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A enjoyable filled swift course of Python programming, covering everything you need to know to start Python learning from scratch. This is the most sought after skill of the 21st century. In this course, you will be learning how to write program with Python language. At the end of the course, we introduce some of the advance topics in computing to motivate the passionate learner to pursue further directions.

Python is a popular language with easy to learn syntax, it has powerful set of libraries. Python is an interpreted 3G language, with a well-off programming environment, with a robust debugger and profiler. Beginners can easily learn this language. it is widely used in many Industry, scientific, AI areas for data exploration. This course designed to introduce the Python programming language for students without prior programming experience.

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Basic knowledge

  • No programming experience is required for the course

What will you learn

  • Basic Notebook commands
  • Variables, lists, dictionaries, sets, classes in Python
  • Variables and conversions in Python
  • User input variables
  • Conditional statements
  • Python string functions
  • Python numeric functions
  • Loops
  • Conditional statement with if elif and else
  • Python list
  • Slicing and modifying a list
  • Python tuple
  • Python dictionary
  • Python set
  • Methods and functions of python dictionary
  • Python class function
  • Inheritence in python
  • Time and date in python
  • Using of numpy package
  • Array using numpy
  • Matrices using numpy
  • Mathematical functions in numpy
  • Using of pandas package
  • Groupby function in pandas
  • Data frame in pandas
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