Python Basics

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If you're new to Python, or programming, this is the place to start! In this course, we'll take a look at some of the most common and important bits of the language, how to use and put them together. Finally, we'll build a few small scripts and games using all of the stuff we've learned!

  • Python for Beginners

    New to Python? New to programming all together? Let's learn about some basic programming and Python concepts and the tools we'll use in this course and for writing Python in general.

  • Python Data Types

    Types are how we talk about our data in a common way. Let's get a better understanding of numbers, strings, lists, and more.

  • Logic in Python

    Data only takes us so far. At some point, we have to be able to control how that data is used and what certain data causes. Let's talk about logic in Python!

  • Shopping List App

    We have data types! We have logic! Let's build an app!

  • Number Game App

    Now let's try something with a bit more logic and interactivity! We'll build a number guessing game to stretch our Python skills.

  • Letter Game App

    Yeah, we got this! Python is fully under our control now! Let's bring everything together and build a letter-guessing game.

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