Providing Disaster Recovery with Azure Services

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Disaster recovery is critical for every organization but can be a complex and costly endeavor. In this course, Providing Disaster Recovery with Azure Services, you'll learn how to use Azure for your DR requirements. First, you'll cover how to protect services running in Azure. Next, you'll discover how to use Azure for disaster recovery. Finally, you'll learn how to ensure users can still connect to services by hosting user environments in Azure. When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to provide disaster recovery using Azure.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Disaster Recovery Fundamentals
    • Module Introduction
    • Who Am I?
    • Why Do We Care About Disaster Recovery?
    • Overview of Disaster Recovery
    • Planned, Unplanned, and Test Failovers
    • Disaster Recovery Site Types
    • RPO and RTO
    • What Systems Must Be Protected
    • Module Summary
  • Using Availability Sets and Enabling DR for Azure Services
    • Module Introduction
    • Service Resiliency in Azure
    • Azure Regions and Storage Account Resiliency
    • Azure Region Failover for IaaS VMs
    • Protecting Services in Azure
    • Clusters in Azure
    • Module Summary
  • Using Azure Site Recovery to Enable Azure as Your DR Location
    • Module Introduction
    • Azure Site Recovery Overview
    • Azure Site Recovery Licensing
    • Using Recovery Service Vaults
    • Key Workloads Supported by ASR
    • No Compute Charges
    • Deploying Protection with ASR
    • Using Recovery Plans
    • Storage and ExpressRoute
    • Module Summary
  • Azure Backup
    • Module Introduction
    • Azure Backup Overview
    • Common Azure Backup Deployments
    • Demo of Using Azure Backup
    • Using StorSimple
    • Module Summary
  • Enabling Remote User Environments with Azure
    • Module Introduction
    • The Need for Users
    • Windows 10 in Azure
    • VDI vs. Session Virtualization
    • Deploying RDS in Azure
    • Module Summary
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