Professional Series: Painting and Rendering in ZBrush

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In this ZBrush tutorial, we will talk about some of the painting, rendering, and fiber workflows in ZBrush. This tutorial was designed to evolve your workflows and give you some concepts to keep in mind as you paint and render your creatures in ZBrush. The objectives for this fast-paced tutorial include looking at several updated workflows and techniques for quickly painting your models and adding hair, fur, and feathers. We won't be going step by step, but rather we'll talk in broader terms about some of the tools and methods you can use and what options you have for dealing with some of the issues that may arise. It is recommended that you have experience using ZBrush, as we cover a lot of information in a shorter span of time. If you're an artist new to ZBrush, the Beginner's Guide courses are a perfect place to start. From there you can check out any of the intermediate, step-by-step, project-based tutorials that will take you through the entire process. Software required: ZBrush 4R2b.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Professional Series: Painting and Rendering in ZBrush
    • Painting the Body
    • Transferring Painted Detail
    • Adding Short Fur to the Creature
    • Creating Small Feathers on the Creature
    • Polypainting the Feathers
    • Adding Small Feathers to the Wings
    • Building the Whiskers and Beard
    • Lighting the Model with Lightcap
    • Modifying a Rendered Image with BPR Filters
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