Prism Problems & Solutions: Loading Modules Based on User Roles

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Most desktop WPF Prism applications have built-in security and assigns roles to users. These roles are used to instruct the application about which aspects or features a user can access. This course will address a major concern with Prism developers regarding security and answer the question, "How do I load modules based on user roles?"

  • Course Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Courses to Watch First
    • Problems Solved
    • What's the Problem?
  • Loading Modules Based on Roles
    • Introduction
    • Demo - The Starting Point
    • Problem - Storing Roles
    • Solution - Storing Roles
    • Demo - Storing Roles
    • Problem - Loading Modules
    • Solution - Loading Modules
    • Demo - Using an Attribute
    • Demo - Creating an IModuleInitializer
    • What's Next?
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