Prism Problems & Solutions: Loading Dependent Views

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This course is the 4th course in a series called "Prism Problems & Solutions" and continues to build upon the tips and tricks learned in the previous courses in this series. Every production WPF application has some form of navigation in which a user navigates from one view to another within the application. More complex applications have multiple regions in a single view, that can be navigated independently of the other regions on the same view. The problem which arises from this complex architecture, is when you must navigate a view into one region, while simultaneously navigating another related view into a different region of the same view. Things only become more complicated when having to handle navigating multiple related views in separate regions within a single view. By the way, they must all share the same data across these decoupled region boundaries. This course will show viewers how to solve this very complex navigation scenario by using the power and extensibility of Prism.

  • Course Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Courses to Watch
    • Problems Solved
    • What's the Problem?
  • Connecting the Ribbon
    • Introduction
    • Problem - Ribbon Throws an Exception
    • Solution - Custom Region Adapter
  • Injecting Dynamic Ribbon Tabs
    • Introduction
    • Problem - Associate RibbonTabs with Views
    • Solution - Custom Attribute
    • Problem - Injecting Dependent RibbonTabs
    • Solution - Custom Region Behavior
    • Demo - Custom Region Behavior Part 1
    • Demo - Custom Region Behavior Part 2
    • Problem - Shared DataContext
    • Solution - Simple Interface
  • Injecting Any View into Any Region
    • Introduction
    • Problem - Any View, Any Region
    • Solution - Modify RibbonTab Solution
    • Demo - Modify the Attribute
    • Demo - Modify the RegionBehavior
  • Reducing the Memory Footprint with Caching
    • Introduction
    • Problem - Performance and Memory Management
    • Solution - Add Caching
    • Problem - Removing Items from Cache
    • Solution - Respecting the Region Member Lifetime
    • Summary
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