Piano Music Theory (Back To Basics) by JFilt

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This course by JFilt is a free offering to those who have never played the piano before and want to learn. It's also for those who may know a little bit but forgot everything they ever learned. It's also for beatmakers who wanna learn some music theory for the purpose of improving their beats and or moving to the next level in music production. In this beginner course you will learn from the very start so its okay to know nothing (LOL). Topics that will be discussed include naming the keys of the piano, forming chords and scales, and even playing a song from a chord progression. By the time you get to the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of what it takes to play keys. After this you can continue on with my full course on How To Play 25 Hip Hop Songs right here on Udemy. Or for the beatmakers out there you can continue to learn innovative ways on how to make very sick beats on the Verysickbeats YouTube Channel! Peace & Positive Energy! JFilt Who is the target audience? This course is for beginner musicians who want to take piano lessons from a charismatic guy.
  • Let's Get Into It!
    • Introduction
    • Note Names
    • Half-Steps vs Whole-Steps
    • Quiz 1
  • Intervals and Basic Scales
    • Intervals
    • Major Scale
    • Natural Minor Scale
    • The Number System
    • Quiz 2
  • Chords and Progressions
    • Major and Minor Chords
    • Diminished and Augmented Chords
    • Inversions
    • Chord Progressions
    • Conclusion
    • Quiz 3
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