PHYSICS Work and energy

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Learn about centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Also, learn about the universal law of gravitation and gravitational orbits.

  • Work and energy
    • Introduction to work and energy
    • Work and energy (part 2)
    • Conservation of energy
    • What are energy and work?
    • What is kinetic energy?
    • What is gravitational potential energy?
    • What is conservation of energy?
    • Work and the work-energy principle
    • Work as the transfer of energy
    • Work example problems
    • Work as area under curve
    • Thermal energy from friction
    • What is thermal energy?
    • Work/energy problem with friction
    • Conservative forces
    • Power
    • What is power?
  • Springs and Hooke's law
    • Intro to springs and Hooke's law
    • What is Hooke's Law?
    • Potential energy stored in a spring
    • What is elastic potential energy?
    • Spring potential energy example (mistake in math)
    • LOL diagrams
    • Vertical springs and energy conservation
  • Mechanical advantage
    • Introduction to mechanical advantage
    • Mechanical advantage (part 2)
    • Mechanical advantage (part 3)
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