PHYSICS Centripetal force and gravitation

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Learn about centripetal acceleration and centripetal force. Also, learn about the universal law of gravitation and gravitational orbits.

  • Circular motion and centripetal acceleration
    • Race cars with constant speed around curve
    • Centripetal force and acceleration intuition
    • Visual understanding of centripetal acceleration formula
    • Optimal turns at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with JR Hildebrand
    • Calculus proof of centripetal acceleration formula
    • Loop de loop question
    • Loop de loop answer part 1
    • Loop de loop answer part 2
  • Centripetal forces
    • Centripetal force problem solving
    • What is a centripetal force?
    • Yo-yo in vertical circle example
    • Bowling ball in vertical loop
    • Mass swinging in a horizontal circle
  • Newton's law of gravitation
    • Introduction to gravity
    • Mass and weight clarification
    • Gravity for astronauts in orbit
    • Would a brick or feather fall faster?
    • Acceleration due to gravity at the space station
    • Space station speed in orbit
    • Introduction to Newton's law of gravitation
    • Gravitation (part 2)
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