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Photography Course Shoot your DSLR in manual mode like a professional photographer - improve your photography fast! Who Is In Control Of Your Photography? Did you know that your dslr camera is in charge of your photography? That a little chip inside that camera is replacing your brain? And it is preventing you becoming a better photographer? The Best Photographers Shoot In Manual Mode And this is also the skill that most casual photographers never learn. What if you could control the camera, rather than leaving it in auto mode? What if you could use your camera like a professional photographer does? Becoming A Better Photographer Relying on the camera to set exposure will mean you will never become a good photographer. Mastering manual mode will open up a world of amazing image opportunities that will impress your friends and family. What You Will Learn In This Photography Course In this course we will teach you how to master your camera in a simple and easy to understand manner. We will show you how to use your camera like the professionals and improve your photography. 100% Money Back Guarantee Remember, if you are not happy with the course for any reason, you can get your money back in the first 30 days, no questions. What the course will cover: Finding your exposure using the built in light meter How the histogram works How to use the blinkies The exposure triangle Understanding stops of light ISO, shutter speed and aperture Lens recommendations Who Is This Course For? Have you purchased a DSLR lately and want to learn how to use it like a professional photographer? Have you wondered what the manual mode does? Do you want to deepen your understanding of photography? Then this course is for you. Please note, this is a beginners course and suitable for new photographers. This is not suitable for experienced amateur photographers. Join us… So join us on the other side and learn how to take control of your DSLR camera and take images like the professionals! Who is the target audience? This course is for photographers who have a DSLR and want to learn how to use manual mode This is a beginners course for beginner photographers This is not a course for experienced photographers
  • Introduction - Welcome!
    • Introduction To The Course
  • Understanding Exposure - The Basics
    • What Is Exposure?

      Many photographers find the concept of exposure difficult to understand. In this lecture we explain what exposure is and why it is important.

    • The Exposure Triangle

      There are 3 elements for controlling an exposure, in this lecture we explain what is called the

  • Tools For Checking Your Exposure
    • The Light Meter

      The light meter is a powerful tool that helps you find your exposure quickly. It is a tool that is built into every DSLR and is fundamental for finding a starting point for your exposure.

    • The Histogram

      The histogram is the main tool for checking your exposure once you have taken your picture, it will help you guarantee that you have a correct exposure.

    • The Blinkies

      The blinkies are a fast visual aid to also help you check your exposure once your picture has been taken and with the histrogram gives you a powerful set of tools which you can use to get that perfectly exposed image.

  • The Camera Controls - The Levers You Need To Pull
    • Stops Of Light

      Once you wrap your head around stops of light, everything else falls into place, so make sure you really spend some time grasping this concept, it is foundational to photography.

    • Understanding ISO

      The ISO on your camera is extremely important to understand, every sensor can

    • Understanding Shutter Speed

      Shutter speed is a function on the camera that controls the duration of the amount of light that will come into the camera. In this lecture we will help you understand how and why it works.

    • Understanding Aperture

      The aperture is the way you control the light coming into the camera with the lens, it has a major impact on the creativity of an image so understanding this concept is really important.

  • Activities
    • Practice Setting Your ISO

      In this lecture there are some practical activities that will help you learn to use your ISO settings.

    • Practice Setting Your Shutter Speed

      In this lecture there are some activities that will help you understand how to use your shutter speed.

    • Practice Setting Your Aperture

      In this lecture there are activities to help you practice and learn how to change your aperture.

    • Advanced Activities

      In this lecture we cover some advanced activities to really help you stretch your newly learned skills.

  • Mastering all The Modes On Your Camera
    • The Other Modes

      So what about the other modes on the camera? In this lecture we help you understand what they are for and how you might use them.

    • Mastering Manual Mode

      In this lecture we discuss why and how to practice your manual exposure skills.

  • Choosing Lenses & Working With Flashes
    • Prime Lenses - An Introduction

      What are prime lenses, why are they important, what should you choose? In this lecture we supply an overview to help you pick a prime lens.

    • Specialist Primes

      In this lecture we discuss some of the specialist primes available in the marketplace.

    • Zoom Lenses - An Introduction

      In this lecture we discuss zoom lenses and help you understand what to purchase.

    • Premium Zooms

      In this lecture we discuss premium zooms and what advantages they have.

    • Flash Photography
  • Summary Sections

    The Quiz... Lets test your knowledge!

    • Summary for the whole course
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