Overview of Aromatherapy

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Here is a course on Aromatherapy, which gives you good knowledge about a trustworthy health, beauty and wellness system based on plant based essential oils It is already popular in many countries like India, USA, France, UK, Australia etc. This system has already proven its worth as a first line home remedy system or as a good support system for people who are taking other mainstream healthcare.The course will start with basics and then it will give you sufficient starter knowledge about key components used in aromatherapy which are essential oils and carrier oils. In the end the course will also give you some effective remedies for home usage.
  • About Aromatherapy
    • Introduction to Aromatherapy.

      The definition, the power of aromatherapy, aromatherapy and scents, aromatherapy and herbal healing. These are the kind of topics that will be touched in this introductory session.

    • Origin and Development of Aromatherapy

      The genesis, that talks about Vedas from India, Egypt, China, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Persians, French, English, Americans is here. It also talks about Re-emergence of aromatherapy from the time of Gattefose and how it marched ahead till modern times.

    • Components Used in Aromatherapy

      The names of four main components Essential Oils, Carriers, Floral Waters and Absolutes have been introduced in this session. Out of these Essential Oils and Carriers will be dealt in further details in next two sessions. Details of floral water and Absolutes are beyond the scope of this course.

    • Applications of Aromatherapy

      The basic classification of Applications of Aromatherapy into Health Applications, Beauty Applications and other applications has been introduced in this session.

  • About Essential Oils
    • What are Essential Oils?

      What are Essential Oils, how they are different from vegetable oils, from where they are sourced and what are their basic properties; All this is explained in this session.

    • Popular Essential Oils and their Applications.

      Popular essential oils for various health and beauty applications have been covered here. You will get remedies for stress, pain, cuts and burns, cough and cold, stomach upset, Infections, Skin care, hair care etc. in this section.

  • About Carriers
    • What are Carriers?

      Definition, properties, types, examples, selection basis; all this about carriers like various vegetable oils, creams, gels and lotions etc. shall be covered in this session.

    • Knowing Important Carriers

      Some important carriers vegetable oils like olive, soybean, sesame seed, coconut, grapeseed, apricot kernel, sweet almond, jojoba, Avocado and some other carriers like gels, creams, lotions and butters are covered in this session.

  • Real Life Usage
    • Formulas for Real Life.

      Some known and quite famous and some very special aromatherapy formulas for various wellness needs have been covered in this session.

    • Safety Precautions.

      Good healing results are impossible without these safety precautions. So better, we do not ignore them. Let us learn them for formula creation, for application, for storage and for various other needs.

    • Completion Incentives.

      Everyone is delighted if one gets something unexpected for the accomplishments. Here is the delight for you.

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