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Be a part of SVR technologies by joining in WebLogic Video tutorials. Set your goals high. Challenge every person or official. Don’t hesitate to do all these as we are with you. SVR technologies are a strong base for a student life in WebLogic Video tutorials. We make you earn all that you need. We make you dream big then you dream. We help you cross hurdles easily. Web Applications provide the basic Java EE mechanism for deployment of dynamic (weblogic server tutorial) Web pages based on the Java EE standards of servlets and Java ServerPages (JSP). Web applications are also used to serve static Web content such as HTML pages and image files. Web Services provide a shared set of functions that are available to other systems on a network and can be used as a component of distributed Web-based applications. WebLogic Video tutorials XML capabilities include data exchange, and a means to store content independent of its presentation, and more. Java Messaging Service (JMS) enables applications to communicate with one another through the exchange of messages. A message is a request, report, and/or event that contains information needed to coordinate communication between different applications.

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