OpenCart 2.0 Video QuickStart

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OpenCart 2 Tutorial for Beginners Have you ever wanted to know how to build on ecommerce with OpenCart without watching endless YouTube videos that are not structured? Why waste your precious time when you can quickly and easily have your shop up and running fast with this course? Videos are kept short and to the point without too much jargon. This course includes the necessary assets, such as product images and logos to follow along. You won't feel left alone while watching the videos. This OpenCart 2.0 Video QuickStart is great introduction for beginners who wants to know how to install OpenCart using the cPanel and build a functional ecommerce shop that is responsive across multiple devices using the default template. What this course does really well is to strip down all the unnecessary information for beginners and get to the features that matter most for newbies. Fantastic starting point to build your knowledge to become an intermediate and advanced user later on. Overview videos are included for each section, so you know what topics will be covered for that particular section. New videos will be added when major updates are released. Who is the target audience? This OpenCart 2.0 Video QuickStart is meant for beginners who wants a functional ecommerce store to sell physical products by using the default OpenCart 2.0 template Not for intermediate and advanced users. Basic knowledge of how to use internet. If you want to know the quickest and easiest way to have your OpenCart shop up and running using the cPanel without overwhelming information.
  • Introduction
    • Introduction

      From this OpenCart 2.0 Video QuickStart course, you'll learn how to create online store that is responsive across multiples devices (such as mobile phone) using the default OpenCart 2.0 theme.

    • Tools You Need For This Course

      Tools you need for this course. Such as web hosting company with cPanel, SSL certificate, latest version of OpenCart 2.0. You'll also learn how to use Pixlr, an online photo editor to create graphics, resize logos and product optimization.

  • Installation
    • Overview Video

      Section 2 - Installation Overview Video In this section, I'll show you how to install OpenCart using the cPanel. Some hosting companies have quick install for OpenCart, but I highly recommend you learn how to do it manually. Why? Because sometimes those quick installation provided by the hosting companies are modified and can cause problems later on.

    • What is cPanel?

      You can think of cPanel as an operating system, like Windows, OS X for mac, Android etc. This lecture gives good foundation on what is cPanel and the primary function.

    • MySQL

      Prior to OpenCart installation, you need to use MySQL program to create a user & database. You'll learn about the primary role of MySQL and why you need them when operating your OpenCart store.

    • Install OpenCart 2.0

      How to download and install latest version of OpenCart 2.0 using the File Manager.

  • Setting Up Your Shop
    • Overview Video

      Section 3 - Setting Up Your Shop Overview Video In this section you'll learn how to remove the sample data that came with the OpenCart 2.0 installation and start setting up your shop. You'll learn how to name your store, setup the store logo, favicon, create category, shipping options, and footer.

    • Remove Sample Data

      When you perform fresh installation of the OpenCart, it contains sample data to show you the capabilities of the shopping cart. Learn how to remove sample data preloaded with OpenCart 2.0 installation

    • Basic System Settings

      How to enter the name of your online store and other necessary information from the backend admin.

    • How to Change the Store Logo & Favicon

      Learn how to upload your store logo and favicon from the backend admin

    • Creating Categories

      How to create your very first category.

    • Setup Shipping

      Learn how to setup shipping using the Free Shipping extension.

    • How to Setup Footer Information

      How to setup footer information and auto generate privacy policy.

  • Uploading Your First Product
    • Overview Video

      Section 4 - Uploading Your First Product Overview Video In this section you will learn how to create your first product. All the lectures discussed will take place in the Catalog > Products in the backend.

    • Create Product

      Learn how to add your first product for sale.

    • Discount vs Special

      Know the core difference between discount and special.

    • Upload Additional Images

      In addition to the main product image, you'll learn how to upload additional product images.

  • SEO Keywords
    • Overview Video

      Section 5 - SEO Keywords Overview Video In this section, you'll learn how to enable SEO and create SEO keywords for your categories and products. These are keywords you see when you visit any website.

    • Category SEO

      Setup Category SEO

    • Product SEO

      Setup Product SEO

    • Enable SEO

      Now that you have Category and Product SEO, you must enable the SEO in order for changes to take effect.

  • Graphics
    • Overview Video

      Section 6 - Graphics Overview Video In this section you'll learn how to resize and optimize your product images. In addition you'll be creating the main slideshow image and favicon. We will be using the free photo editor called Pixlr to accomplish everything.

    • Resize and Image Optimization

      Use Pixlr to resize and optimize your images

    • Favicon

      Learn how to setup your favicon, which is a small image icon next/above your web address

    • Slideshow

      Learn how to create slideshow image with graphics using Pixlr.

    • Upload

      Know the necessary steps to upload slideshow image

  • Setup PayPal and SSL
    • Overview Video

      Section 7 - Setup PayPal & SSL Overview Video In this section, you'll learn how to setup Paypal standard and SSL certificate for your store. In order to follow along, you must already have Paypal account & purchased the SSL certificate. Paypal standard let's you accept payments from customers online, it's free to use but they charge you a fee for each transaction.

    • PayPal

      How to enable Paypal Standard from the backend admin

    • SSL

      Learn the easiest way to install SSL certificate through your hosting provider.

  • The End
  • Thank You

    We have finally come to an end of this OpenCart version 2 Video QuickStart Course. This is not THE end and as more features are added to OpenCart 2.0, I'll be updating the course accordingly.

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