ODOO Restaurant Management

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ODOO POS for Restaurant Management is very enhanced system works with POS terminal hardware and tablets. This course contains all configuration and setup required for ODOO POS. Configuration and features operations of POS. Whoever wish to implement ODOO for their organisation and clients in food industry, Bars, Cafe shops can get benefit from this course. It contains video series for configuring posbox with raspberry pi board, pos sessions configuration for printers, virtual keyboard, barcodes and payment menthods. Products and category configuration to display on pos screens. Table and floor management with multiple floor management, Shape of the tables, colour intimation for the available and occupy tables, Manage table capacity. Loyalty program management with points configuration based on category, product and quantity. Generating pin numbers for discount so that managers having discount pin can only apply discounts on the bills, Normal cashier can not generate bills. Split of bills by item at the time of payment so we an have multiple order running on single table. Customised product on order using product property for example : while ordering pizza user can select toppings, cheese and bread. Manage BOM for product and manage raw material inventory so sales of one product will deduct inventory of raw material too.
  • Point of Sale Restaurant Management in ODOO
    • Introduction
    • Installation of Modules

      In this video you will get to know how to manage database in ODOO Creating new database and installing pos restaurant modules to start with the operations

    • POS Configuration
    • Configuring Product and Category

      This video will present configuration of product category, hierarchy of product category and configuring new product for POS and assign category to product, Setup pricing and costing, default tax on the product and check product stock details.

    • Setup Product Property

      This video will present how to configure customisable product so that you can add remove addons while ordering in restaurant. For example while ordering pizza you will get option to select toppings, bread and cheese. If we configure meal and have option to select burger and drinks options we can configure product property and it will manage inventory accordingly.

    • Configuring POS Sessions
    • Creating POS Order on Table
    • Apply Discount on POS and Split Bill payment
    • Customised Options in POS
    • Manage BOM inventory from POS

      Setup phantom BOM for the product and while saling product on POS system will deduct BOM products from the inventory.

    • Change Refreshing ratio of kitchen screen
    • Setup POSBOX and Hardware

      This video will present how to setup posbox raspberry pi with pos terminal. Live demo of how it works with hardware.

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