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In this tutorial, we will take a close look at the Nucleus of Atoms and their characteristic features. We will see what is inside a nucleus and how do we get the nuclear energy. In addition, we will also discuss radioactivity, and fission and fusion reactions.

  • Nucleus
    • Nucleus - Home
    • Nucleus
    • Calculating Atomic Mass
    • Hydrogen Atom Mass
    • Neutron
    • Atomic Name, Mass& Number
    • Size Of Nucleus
    • Binding Energy
    • Binding Energy Release
    • Nuclear- Force
    • Nuclear – Energy Fission
    • Nuclear – Energy Fusion
    • Radio Activity
    • Rate Of Activity
    • Life Of R.A Material
    • Life Of R.A Material
    • Decays In R.A Material
    • B- Decays In R.A Material
    • Gamma Decay In R.A Material
  • Digital Electronics
    • Introduction Of Concept Of Gates
    • Digital Signals & Current
    • Types Of Gates
    • Combination Gates
    • Conversion Of Gates
  • Work, Power and Energy
    • Dot Product Of Two Vector Quantities
    • Work, Power And Energy
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