Necessary Tech Skills For Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

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By going through this awesome course you would be able to learn the latest technology concepts and techniques in less than an hour and start communicate more effectively with your co-workers, outsources, employees and employers. Get this course now and keep up to date with the latest in technology!

  • "What is" Series
    • Few Important Words And Resources
    • Cloud Computing Explained in 10 Seconds!
    • What is Cross Platform And Why We Use It?
    • What are Bit and Byte And Why They Are Vital To Technology
    • What is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)?
    • What is Application Programming Interface (API)?
    • What is Software Development Kit (SDK)?
    • What is Content Management System (CMS)?
    • What is an Algorithm?
    • What is Machine Learning And Why It's So Cool?
    • What is Parallel Computing And Why It's Like Super Power?
    • What is Technology Stack?
    • What is Domain Name Server (DNS)?
    • What is Open Source?
    • What is Version Control And Why It's Vital to Business?
    • Unix And Linux, Similarities and Differences
    • What Are The Distributed Systems?
    • Client and Server Model Explained!
  • "How" Series
    • How a Computer Works?
    • Software Engineering!
    • Anatomy of a Web Page Explained
    • Front-end and Back-end Architecture
    • What is Cloud Computing?
    • Computer Coding in 10 Minutes!
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  • Developer's Take
    • Amazon Web Services
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