Music Production in Logic Pro X - The Beginners Guide!

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Logic Pro X is the leading Digital Audio Work Station for Apple Mac users and it's used across professional studios and bedrooms worldwide. NOTE: This course is for Mac users only and you must have access to Logic Pro X and a Apple Mac to use it This course is an introduction into Logic Pro X and creating your own music. You'll learn the basics of this software that's used by professional producers today This course will quickly cover such topics such as the interface of Logic Pro X, making music with Apple loops. making music with MIDI and software instruments, the ES2 synthesiser and basic mixing What you'll learn in this course will allow you to understand the basics of Logic Pro X This course also includes UK English closed caption subtitles for every lecture. This is to help you learn easier if English is not your first language so you are able follow the text along with the my voice. Learn to love Logic Pro X and make music with it. Who is the target audience? This is an beginners course, so do not take this if you are an advanced user Anyone who is new to Logic and wants to start making music right away Those interested in creating their own music
  • Welcome and Overview 1
    • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Logic Pro X 8
    • The Interface
    • Apple Loops
    • Recording MIDI and Software Instruments
    • Drummer
    • Automation
    • ES2 Synthesizer
    • Flex Time and Flex Pitch
    • An Overview of Mixing
  • Where to go from here
    • What's next?
    • Bonus Lecture : How to Receive your Discount Offer...
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