Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3 : UX and UI

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WELCOME TO THE NEW, IMPROVED AND UPDATED VERSION OF THE BEST SELLING MOBILE APP DESIGN COURSE ON UDEMY This course is not just about creating a pretty app, it’s about designing an app that works great and happens to be beautiful. We'll teach you a complete design workflow that will allow you turn your idea into a fully designed and engaging mobile app using Sketch 3. Learn to design engaging apps with this beginners mobile app design course  Master the ins and outs of Sketch 3 Design a beautiful and user-friendly interface for your app Learn UX Research techniques to craft an engaging app Learn Design best practices to build your product efficiently Outline your visual concept A skill that will change your life Mobile apps are everywhere, transforming our personal and profesionnal lives. And what makes an app successful is how well it is conceived. The demand for people able to design such engaging and well thought apps is constantly growing. That's why mobile app designers are averaging over $100k a year. With Sketch 3 and this course, you'll have the skills to produce professional designs even if you have zero previous experience. Content and Overview This course is efficiency oriented and is taught with an example. Each lesson represents a step in the design process that will be applied to the app we will be building and that we'll help you apply to your own idea. You don't need any previous experience as a designer, we'll teach you everything you need to know along the way. We'll begin by teaching you what UX is, how it affects the UI design and how you can use UX research techniques to craft a great app. We'll show you how to efficiently build a quick first version of your app and how to preview it on a device. This will get you used to Sketch and we'll give you exercises to build up your design skills. We'll then work on the visual concept of your app, you'll learn about colors, fonts and how to properly use them. This will allow us to create the final design of our app, beautiful and functional. In this section we'll dive deep into Sketch amazing functions and best practices. You'll even learn how to design an icon for the app and showcase your finished app ! By the end of this course you'll... Be able to explore your idea in depth to find the right way to build your app Have a full proficiency in design software Have a very good understanding of design principles and how to use them Be able to build graphic illustrations and icons even if you've never drawn anything in your life Know how to choose the flow and navigation of your app Know how to create a very clear layout that will serve your content Know how to create the identity of your app and how to choose and use colors and fonts Be completely autonomous as a designer Save a lot of money and time by not needing to work with a freelance designer Who is the target audience? This course will benefit entrepreneurs, developers, and designers looking to move into the mobile applications market This course is not about learning how to code an app but is focused on learning how to design an app that makes sense
  • Introduction to the course
    • Prerequisites : have a Mac + download course material

      Before we dive in, download the course files and make sure you have access to a Mac.

    • Introduction

      Welcome to the course ! Let's get to know each other. In this video we’ll explain who we are and what you can expect from this course.

    • Sketch : the design software we'll use in this course

      In this video we'll introduce you to Sketch, the awesome design software we'll be using to design our app. And we'll show you how to install it on your Mac.

    • How this course works

      In this course we'll explain how the course works and how to get the most out of it.

    • Everything you need to get started

      Before we dive in, download the materials needed for the course. 

  • UX Research techniques
    • UX and UI

      This lesson is the first in the UX research part. The goal of this section is to help you really understand what you want to build. We'll start by explaining the definition and distinction between UX and UI. We'll see why it's important to take time to work on User eXperience.

    • What Problem are you solving ?

      Design is the art of solving problems. And you can't hope to craft a good product with a good design if you don't understand what problem you're solving. We'll help you make sure you're tackling a real problem that you truly understand.

    • Understand your users

      Knowing your users is crucial. You can't create a great app if you don't understand who you're creating it for. In this video I'll introduce you to a very handy tool that will help you understand your users: the persona.

    • Find the right solution and feature

      Once we've made sure we're solving a real problem for a real category of people, we can start thinking about a solution. In this video we'll explore different techniques to come up with as many ideas as we can. We'll then work on narrowing this ideas down to one main feature.

    • Storytelling design

      In this lesson you'll learn how to write user narratives in order to figure out how your app will work.

    • A bit of psychology

      To make sure we're building an engaging app, we need to think in terms of psychology. And that's we'll do in this lesson, using a great tool called the Hook Model.

  • Your App version 1 - The basics of mobile app design
    • Walkthrough Sketch 3

      In this section we'll show you how to quickly and efficiently turn your idea into a first version of your app. This will allow us to start learning how to use Sketch. In the first video of this section, we'll give you a general overview of Sketch, the design software we'll use throughout the course.

    • iOS Guidelines

      To create a functional design, you need to understand what an app is made of. That's what we'll show you along with the necessary iOS guidelines.

    • Playing LEGO

      The most efficient way to build the first version of your app is to use standard elements and then customise them. In this lesson we'll show how to handle and chose the elements. Let's play LEGO !

    • Text Basics

      In this video, we'll use and explain the basic text functionalities of sketch while showing you how to integrate text in your designs.

    • Color basics

      In this course we'll start working with colors in a very practical way.

    • Alignements & Grid

      In this lesson we'll see how to use the alignments and grid tools that will help us create clear designs.

    • Insert images

      In this part of the course, we'll show you 2 useful ways to handle images in sketch and tell you why you should choose one or the other

    • Design buttons

      Buttons are essential for the user to interact with your app. So let's see how to create them and deal with them.

    • Time for practice - Camera flow

      Ok, we've already learned a lot, it's time to practice and work a little bit on your own now!

    • Exercise correction - Camera flow

      In this video we'll show you how we completed the exercise from the previous lesson.

  • Your App version 1 - Preview, icon and basic export
    • Preview on your device with Sketch Mirror

      In this lesson we'll show you how to preview your designs on your device.

    • Export Artboards

      It's time to show the first version of your app to the world, let's see how to do that.

    • App Icon design v1

      What use is your app if don't have an icon for it ? Let's design a first version of your icon!

  • Your App version 2 - Visual concept
    • Inspiration and Trends

      In this new section, we'll start working on the the v2 of your app and its beautiful and fully designed interface. We'll begin by talking about the visual concept of your app. In the first lesson of this section we'll talk about inspiration, where and how to find it and current design trends.

    • Colors and color picker

      Let's take a few minutes to understand how the color picker works in Sketch.

    • Good Practice : Color Palettes

      Now that we know how the color picker works, let’s choose the colors we’ll use in our app and create a color scheme.

    • Color Harmony (optional)

      In this optional video we'll talk about color Harmony and how to mix colors together.

    • Typography

      How to choose fonts ? how to mix typefaces ? All you need to know to handle text in your app.

  • Your App version 2 - Diving deep into Sketch and Design best practices
    • Good Practice : Text Styles

      In this course, while continuing or work on the design of our app, we'll show you how to use a great tool in Sketch: Text Syles.

    • Drawing Icons

      In this video, we'll learn more advanced Sketch functionalities like boolean operations, vector editing, etc. by drawing icons from scratch.

    • Good practices : Symbols

      Symbols is one of the greatest functionality in Sketch for mobile app designers, we'll explain you why and how to use them.

    • Save time with plugins

      We've been through a lot of features that are built IN sketch. Let’s now have a look at what has been built ON it : Plugins.

    • Styleguide & Practice

      In this video we'll complete our Styleguide and practice our skills by upgrading the camera flow.

  • Your App version 2 - Getting your app ready for the world
    • Export & Specs

      In this video we'll show you how to export elements individually. We'll also use a great new tool to prepare the specs for the developer.

    • App Icon v2 and graphic design practice

      Now that your app looks great, let’s create a more complex and graphic icon. This will allow us to build up our graphic design skills. And this will also be the opportunity for you to put your Sketch knowledge into practice

    • App Store Screenshots v2

      You know the screenshots you see on the app store, they look cool right? That's what we'll do here !

    • Product showcase

      Your app is gorgeous, let’s see how we can show it to the world.

    • Conclusion

      Congratulations! We have a little gift for you!

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