Mini Grammar Tests

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Learn English grammar by going through many grammar tests with a native-English speaking instructor. Learn about common English mistakes and why they are made. Learn about what grammar mistakes you miss when you are checking your own grammar. Get Much Better at Grammar by Going Over Lots of Grammar Tests 12 grammar tests Thorough explanations 12 printable grammar tests for you All answers provided I designed this course to be very similar to what I cover in my English classes at my university in Canada. I know that students are really interested in what mistakes they have made on English tests. When I hand back tests in my classes, I always get many questions from students about what is wrong and why it is wrong. These explanations have a huge impact on helping students understand grammar and improve for next time. In this course you can benefit from a variety of test with many different grammar mistakes to find and fix. If you find and fix mistakes then your grammar knowledge is better. If you miss some and then I explain them to you, you will be better for next time. Who is the target audience? This is for intermediate English students who want to improve their grammar understanding and fluency. This is for high school or university students in English classes.
  • Introduction to me and the course
    • Introduction to me

      Information about me, Joe Crossman, the course instructor. Also, there is a description about how the course will go

    • Introduction to the videos

      Here is the first Mini Test. It shows you what to do and how to use the tests.

  • Mini Grammar Tests
    • Mini Grammar Test 2

      Here is the second Mini Grammar Test with lots of new grammar mistakes and explanations. Some of the grammar mistakes include things about comparative adjectives.

    • Mini Grammar Test 3

      Here is the third Mini Grammar Test with many different grammar mistakes. The rules covered include subject-verb agreement and modal verbs.

    • Mini Grammar Test 4

      Here is the fourth Mini Grammar Test which includes several different grammar problems. The rules discussed include how to use gerunds and infinitives.

    • Mini Grammar Test 5

      This is Mini Grammar Test five with lots of challenging grammar mistakes to find and fix. The rules explained include the present continuous tense.

    • Mini Grammar Test 6

      This video has Mini Grammar Test six which has plenty of useful grammar explanations. Articles and non-count nouns are examined in this test

    • Mini Grammar Test 7

      Here is Mini Grammar Test seven. This video has lots of grammar explanations for a variety of common grammar mistakes. The differences between nouns and adjectives are discussed in this video.

    • Mini Grammar Test 8

      Welcome to Mini Grammar Test eight. Tons more grammar mistakes and explanations await you in this video. Active and passive grammatical forms are discussed.

    • Mini Grammar Test 9

      This is Mini Grammar Test nine. More grammar mistakes and explanations await you to help you improve your English. This test has some explanations of possessive pronoun use.

    • Mini Grammar Test 10

      This video shows Mini Grammar Test ten and many helpful grammar explanations. The use of prepositions is discussed in this video.

    • Mini Grammar Test 11

      Here is Mini Grammar Test eleven with several common grammar mistakes and thorough grammar explanations to help you fully understand how to find and fix these types of mistakes. This test has many examples of verb, adjective, and article mistakes.

    • Mini Grammar Test 12

      Here is Mini Grammar Test twelve. It is the final grammar test in this course. This test looks at the use of specific words as well as conjunctions. Congratulations on making it to the end of the course.

  • Short Grammar Review Videos
    • Tenses

      This short video reviews the most common tenses in English grammar and how they are used.

    • Subject-Verb Agreement

      This is a short review of the Subject-Verb agreement rule. It is a basic rule, but very important because it is used in every sentence you make.

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