Maya Dynamics: BOSS Ocean Simulations

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Creating CGI oceans is becoming far more accessible and easier with every release of Maya. In this course, Maya Dynamics: BOSS Ocean Simulations, you'll learn how to create realistic ocean surfaces with spectral waves, ripples, and wakes. First, you'll be introduced to how the BOSS system works. Next, you'll explore all of the ins and outs of the spectral wave solvers. Then, you'll discover how to layer multiple solvers together. Finally, you'll learn how to export your ocean simulation in several formats and how to create an ocean shader and render in Arnold in Maya 2017. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of the BOSS system in Maya 2017. Software required: Autodesk Maya 2017.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Introduction & Project Overview
    • Introduction to BOSS
    • Limitations of BOSS
    • Maya 2017 Update 2 and BOSS
  • Working with the BOSS Editor
    • Loading up the BOSS Editor and Creating Geometry
    • Overview of the BOSS Interface
    • Replacing BOSS Domains
    • Adding Wave Influences
    • Caching BOSS Simulations
  • Working with the Spectral Wave Solver
    • Spectral Wave Global Attributes
    • Spectral Wave Simulation Attributes
    • Using Spectral Wave Types
    • Wind Attributes
    • Reflection Waves Attributes
  • Creating an Ocean Simulation in BOSS
    • Creating the Large Scale Wave Pass
    • Creating the Detail Wave Pass
    • Adjusting the Medium and Large Scale Passes
    • Creating the Fine Detail Pass
    • Setting up Foam
    • Setting up for an Infinite Ocean
    • Caching and Exporting the Ocean Passes
  • Setting up and Rendering an Ocean in Arnold
    • Importing the Caches and Setting up the Camera
    • Creating the Lighting and Ocean Shader
    • Completing the Lighting and Shader
    • Creating the Backdrop
    • Setting up Displacement Shading
    • Rendering out the Ocean
    • Creating a Basic Composite
    • Completing the Composite
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