Mastering Mobile App Design With Sketch 3

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Want to learn how to design mobile apps with Sketch 3? Then this course is for you. We have thrown out all of the fluff and junk that other courses like to add in and give you the most important things you need to know to be up and working as quick as possible. Mastering Mobile App Design With Sketch 3 will take you from absolute beginner to fluent mobile app designer. In addition to learning the Sketch app you will also learn core design principles that you can take with you onto any design tool. YOUR INSTRUCTORS This course is brought to you from Devslopes - the creator of the world's most effective programming courses. Caleb Stultz is a long term graphic and mobile designer and will be teaching this course. COURSE LAYOUT You start by learning the basics of Sketch 3. You'll then move on to designing more advanced apps.  As you build apps you also get to complete exercises so you can retain the things you just learned. LIVE HELP If you ever gut stuck you can come visit our chatroom and get live help from our instructors or our 20+ live Teacher's Aides. Who is the target audience? Course is for absolute beginners Course is for programmers who want to code and design their apps Course is for business owners, hobbyists, or anyone who wants to design mobile apps
  • Intro to Course
    • Intro to Course
    • How to get free live help
    • Project Resource Files
  • Basics of Sketch
    • Sketch UI Overview

      An overview of the user interface for Sketch 3

    • Designing Your First App in Sketch

      Dive right in and design your first mobile app with Sketch 3

    • Basics of Layers in Sketch

      Learn the basics of layering in Sketch 3

    • Understanding Shapes in Sketch

      Understand how to use and work with shapes in Sketch 3

    • Masking & Proportional Scaling in Sketch

      Learn the uses of masking in Sketch 3 as well as how to scale proportionally in your mobile app design

    • Styling in Sketch Part 1

      We go in depth on styling mobile apps in Sketch 3

    • Styling in Sketch Part 2

      We go in depth on styling mobile apps in Sketch 3

    • Working With Images in Sketch

      Learn the ins and outs of working with images in Sketch for mobile app design

    • Typography & Text in Sketch

      Learn how to work with Typography and text in Sketch 3 when designing for mobile apps

    • Symbols in Sketch

      Learn what symbols are in Sketch and how to use them

    • Designing an Instagram Profile Page in Sketch

      Learn how to build an amazing Instagram style profile page in Sketch 3

    • How to Export Graphics in Sketch

      Learn all of the important need-to-knows when exporting images for iOS apps and Android apps in Sketch 3

    • Section 1 Resource Files

      Sketch Resource files for Section 1

    • Exercise - Creating a Post

      Create a post in the Instaslam app in Sketch 3

  • Advancing Your Skills & Designing A Chat App
    • Intro to App

      Let's take a look at what we'll be covering in this section

    • Creating the Signup & Login Screen in Sketch

      We'll be diving into a lot of advanced topics as we create the login screen for your mobile app with Sketch 3

    • Creating the Inbox in Sketch

      We'll create the inbox for our mobile app in Sketch 3

    • New Messages UI in Sketch

      We create the user interface for the new messages in Sketch 3

    • Creating the Chat UI in Sketch

      We build out the entire chat UI in Sketch 3 for our mobile chat app

    • Creating the Settings Screen in Sketch

      Let's create a beautiful settings screen for our mobile app in Sketch 3

    • Exercise - Adding UI Screens to the Chat App

      Build upon the chat app and add more screens in Sketch 3

  • Designing an App With Requirements - Globetrotter
    • Intro to App

      Take a look at the app we'll be designing in this section

    • Creating the Login Screen in Sketch

      Create an elegant login screen in Sketch 3

    • Creating the Email Signup UI in Sketch

      We'll create the email signup forms and talk about design in Sketch 3

    • Designing the Home Screen

      Get into the meat of things when we design the entire home screen for our app in Sketch 3

    • Creating the Post Screen in Sketch

      Lets finish off our app by creating the Post screen in Sketch 3

    • Exercise - Designing More Screens for Globetrotter in Sketch

      Time to put your skills to the test in designing more screens on your own in Sketch 3

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