Mastering Meetings - The Definitive Guide To Amazing Meetings, Calls & Catch-Ups

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In this class we'll take a deep dive into meetings, calls and catch-ups. This course will give you the skills to schedule, chair and contribute to productive, quality meetings that add value and help you get the job done. 

Poor quality meetings are a common complaint at many organisations. This course gives you the skills to not only master the role of an attendee, but also a chairperson and dives into the psychology of meetings and what you can do to build a reputation as an amazing meeting organiser at your organisation.

I've been a people manager for over 20 years at some of the biggest companies in the world. I've worked for inspirational leaders, and tried to develop my own leadership skills to inspire and empower my teams. I've had thousands of meetings and have built my own successful system through trial and error as well as learning from incredible people. 

At the end of this course you'll have a clear picture of what makes a great meeting and you'll have the ammunition to be able to develop your own skills and boost your own chances of making it as a leader in your organisation. 

The course is fast paced, easy to consume, narrated with clear messages.

This is Productivity ACE - Let's get it done!

Basic knowledge

  • A desire to smash it at your organisation and improve every day

What will you learn

We'll explore subjects such as:

  • What meetings are and why you need them
  • The cost of meetings
  • Red, Amber & Green meetings
  • Picking the perfect time
  • Scheduling etiquette
  • The meeting as an opportunity to get noticed
  • Considerations for external attendees
  • The vital role of the chairperson
  • Building a great meeting agenda
  • Starting and navigating through the meeting itself
  • Minutes, follow-ups and actions
  • How to be a great meeting attendee
  • One to one meetings


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