Mastering Git

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You can use Git for quite some time, and still get that nagging feeling that you're missing something. This ideal follow-up to "How Git Works" gives you the information you need to deeply understand Git's most useful features. In this course, Mastering Git, you'll tackle the more advanced Git topics, focus on how to actually get stuff done with Git, and will also learn the Git way of thinking so that you can work comfortably with Git day in and day out. First, you'll discover how to use Git fluently in your daily job. Next, you'll be taught how to move information around in Git and how to investigate and change your history in Git. Then, you'll move on to fixing any mistakes that you make while working with Git. Finally, you'll explore how to organize a shared Git workflow for your team. By the end of this course, you'll be able to up your game and become a power user in Git.

  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • The Four Areas: Introduction
    • About This Training
    • A Note About the Command Line
    • The Four Areas
    • The Working Area
    • The Repository
    • The Index
  • The Four Areas: Basic Workflow
    • Revisiting the Basics
    • Moving Data to the Right
    • Moving Data to the Left
    • Removing Files
    • Renaming Files
    • A Quick Summary
  • The Four Areas: git reset
    • Understanding Reset
    • A Reset Example
    • More Reset Examples
  • The Four Areas: More Tools
    • The Stash
    • Solving Conflicts
    • Working with Paths
    • Git Is a Toolbox
  • History: Exploring the Past
    • Becoming a History Surgeon
    • A Commit by Any Other Name
    • History Forensics
    • Browsing the Log
  • History: Fixing Mistakes
    • The Golden Rule
    • Changing the Latest Commit
    • Interactive Rebases
    • The Reflog
    • Reverting Commits
  • Finding Your Workflow
    • Workflows and Pain
    • Distribution Models
    • Branching Models
    • Constraints
    • We Need to Talk About GitFlow
    • Growing a Workflow
    • Thinking in Git
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