Mastering Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge

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The Camera Raw plugin within Photoshop is one of the most advanced and underutilized crayons in the box. Shooting Camera Raw on cameras that are capable of doing so not only allow for maximum creativity but also immense flexibility and repair if needed. In this course I'm going to show you how to maximize your potential in working with Camera Raw, to jumpstart how you can become an even better photographer than you already are by shooting in Camera Raw. With 3 Hours of content, I explore all the tools within the Photoshop plugin; I show you how each tool works and how it can be used to bring your photos to life and even add creativity to an otherwise lifeless shot. I want to give you the tools to become an expert, to stand toe to toe with other professionals whom shoot Camera Raw for weddings and other special events on which their livelihood depends. I designed this course to be packed with information but true to detail in that each step is explained and garnered to give you results in your quest for knowledge. I hope you full enjoy this course as I have in making it, I welcome you now to Mastering Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge! Lets Begin! Who is the target audience? This course is meant for individuals whom want to learn the benefits of shooting camera raw and fully utilizing their camera's potential This course will provide you with the knowledge to edit and manipulate your camera raw images whilst not sacrificing any creative intent The course will provide the tools your need to allow you to become a better photo editor and photographer
  • Before We Get Started
    • Welcome to My Course!
    • Lets Update Your Camera Raw Plugin!
  • Lets Get Started
    • Opening Camera Raw Files in Adobe Bridge
    • Which Raw Format
    • When to Shoot Camera Raw
    • Camera Raw Menu Overview
    • Basic Actions Panel
  • Section II
    • Camera Raw Workflow
    • Lens Distortion Tab
    • Achromatic Aboration
    • Camera Raw Crop
    • White Balance Color Correction
  • Section III
    • Highlights and Blowouts
    • Shadows and Balance
    • Vibrance vs Saturation
    • Working with Weather and Haze
    • Spot Healing Tool Part I
    • Spot Healing Tool Part II - Clone Tool
  • Section IV
    • Getting Rid of Noise in Photos
    • Understanding the Radial Tool
    • Lets Examine The Adjustment Brush Tool
    • Local Correction Settings Presets
    • Film Grain
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