Mastering AWS Command-line Interface Operations

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Manual operations using a web console are time consuming and error-prone. In, this course, Mastering AWS Command-line Interface Operations, you'll learn how to use the AWS API from both the shell and Python scripts. First, you will learn how to use the CLI for single tasks. Next, you will learn how to connect commands together into complex workflows. Finally, you will explore scripts using AWS Lambda with Python and PowerShell. By the end of this course, you'll know the fundamentals for nearly any operational work that involves the command line and the best practices around securing the command line and its use.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Implementing AWS CLI
    • What Is the AWS CLI?
    • Demo: Install AWS CLI on Windows
    • Demo: Install AWS CLI on MacOS
    • Demo: Install and Configure AWS CLI on Linux
    • Module Summary
  • Securing and Monitoring the CLI
    • Module Introduction and API Credential Preference Order
    • Demo: API Credential Order of Preference
    • Demo: CLI Monitoring Using CloudTrail and CloudWatch
    • Module Summary
  • Simple Operations: Exporting Data from CloudWatch
    • Module Introduction and Script Algorithm
    • Demonstration Part 1: Tag Initialization Script
    • Demonstration Part 2: CloudWatch Metrics Export and Tag Update
    • Module Summary
  • Simple Operations: Copying and Syncing Objects Between S3 Buckets
    • Module Introduction and S3 Scenario
    • Demonstration: Simple Operations in S3 Using CLI
    • Module Summary
  • Complex Operations: Turn Off Environment After Hours
    • Module Introduction
    • Demo: Stop and Start on Non-production Environment
    • Module Summary
  • Complex Operations: Rotate and Expire AMI Backups
    • Module Introduction
    • Demo: Rotate and Expire AMI
    • Module Summary
  • Scripting Tasks: Alternatives to Shell Scripts
    • Module Intro
    • Demo: Using Lambda for SSH
    • Demo: Using PowerShell for CLI
    • Module Summary
    • Course Summary
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