Master WordPress Plugins: Shortcodes Ultimate - The Basics

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First, a Little History. What is Shortcodes Ultimate? Shortcodes Ultimate is a super plugin that every WordPress site owner or administrator should have in their list of plugins. Why? Because it makes adding cool features to websites very easy without any coding, CSS or HTML. All the coding is done in the plugin and your WordPress pages and posts look amazing! First of all, what are shortcodes? In case you have not heard of shortcodes in WordPress, they are simple pieces of content that you can insert into pages or posts and they return amazing features to your website. An example of a shortcode would be [today] which will return today's date. You only enter [today] and the shortcode will figure out the correct date to display, so it always shows the current date. The Current Version of Shortcodes Ultimate The current version of Shortcodes Ultimate gives you 55 shortcodes to add any way you see fit to make your content stand out and be presented more professionally. In this course, I cover the easiest, most basic shortcodes which are ones that I use every day on my WordPress sites. This course shows you how to insert only a partial list of shortcodes (the most basic shortcodes) from Shortcodes Ultimate plugin. tabs accordions YouTube videos photo galleries notes, boxes, frames and more What Is Presented In This Course? This course presents about 15 of the most popular shortcodes that any WordPress admin or webmaster can add. I teach you the following: how to select the shortcodes to your pages and posts fill out the forms to create the shortcodes insert the shortcodes how to filter and narrow the list of 55 shortcodes to find exactly what you need and are looking for how to apply CSS classes to further format each shortcode. issues with some of the shortcodes Who is the target audience? Web designers who want to lighten the load and coding to create awesome looking web page features WordPress administrators who want to improve the look of their websites without coding Web developers who want to code less to get the same effect as manual coding for features including accordions, tabs, lightboxes, photo galleries and more.
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    • Thursday, January 21, 2016: 5 New Shortcode Videos Added Today
  • Let's Get Into Shortcodes And See How They Can Improve Your Web Design
    • Welcome. Introduction from the Instructor and Our Course Objectives.

      In this video, I introduce myself and go over the course objectives as well as what you can expect from this course.

    • Introduction to Shortcodes Ultimate

      In this video, I provide an overview of the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin and how to search for the exact shortcode which you need. Concepts included here include filtering by shortcode category and typing in keywords to find the exact shortcodes you need such as media, formatting, gallery and more.

    • Adding a Fancy Drop Cap

      When you have a web page with a lot of text in it, it can be difficult and boring to read for your website visitors. Watch this video to learn how to create awesome looking drop caps and make the paragraphs of your website content come alive. In this video, you learn: how to format your drop cap how to select fonts and point size 4 different styles in presenting your drop caps on the web page

    • Breaking Text into an Animated Accordion

      You have seen animated accordions. They are tedious to program. Shortcodes Ultimate already has them programmed and all the coding is done behind the scenes. Just follow the steps in this video to create your own accordions. Accordions are excellent for presenting: FAQs help pages social media pages statistics payment options and more

    • Animated Accordion, Part 2

      Accordions in Shortcodes Ultimate can become a little hard to set up, so in this video, which is part 2 of the previous Accordions video, I show you more ways to set it up.

    • PROJECT: Accordion Shortcodes
    • Shortcodes Ultimate Issue 1

      Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the first 12 shortcodes presented in this course.

    • Presenting Content in Vertical and Horizontal Tabs

      Tabs look cool on every web page, but coded incorrectly, they look bad. Shortcodes Ultimate gets tabs correct every time. Follow the steps in this video to create some awesome looking tabs. Tabs are great for all of the following: Posts in specific blog categories Cleaning up your web pages into smaller, easier-to-read parts Lists with over 20 list items Pricing plans Product catalogs and more

    • PROJECT: YouTube Advanced: Create a YouTube Playlist

      In this project, we will be creating a playlist of 5 of your favorite YouTube videos to your WordPress website. The settings are included in the content of this text lecture.

    • Adding Colorful Notes: Boxes Without a Title

      Notes are pretty boxes with no title. Shortcodes Ultimate gives you control over the colors, border radius, and more.

    • Dividers: Horizontal Rules Pretty Cousin

      Horizontal rules are easy to add in the WordPress editor, but they look boring. With a little CSS, we can make them look nicer, but with Shortcodes Ultimate, you do not need to do that at all. This video shows you how to select items from the form to make horizontal rules look nicer with colors, styles and more. They are called Dividers in the plugin.

    • Frames: Adding Borders To Images, Text, and Other HTML Elements

      Frames are borders that display around an image to create callouts, captions and more. They do not always look correctly as intended, depending on your theme. I show how to add them in this video lecture, but they are not compatible with my theme. You can try that in your own theme after watching this video.

    • Boxes: The Fancy Cousin Of The Notes Shortcode

      I love using the Boxes shortcode. It looks the nicest out of all the "boxy" shortcodes (frames, notes, labels, etc). I think you will agree. Save the best for last.

  • Media
    • Adding YouTube Videos

      Almost everyone likes to add YouTube videos or videos from another network on their web page. if you would like to add videos, Shortcodes Ultimate provides a quick and easy way to do so. This is the first part of a two part video on YouTube. In this video, we add shortcodes for YouTube videos that allow you to control the following: URL of the YouTube video Width Height Responsiveness Autoplay CSS classes

    • YouTube Advanced with More Controls

      In the last video, we covered the YouTube shortcode which is a very quick, basic, and straightforward shortcode to set up. Shortcodes Ultimate also provides an advanced YouTube shortcode which is a little more complex to set up, but I take you through it in this video. With THIS shortcode, you have all of these options at your fingertips: autoplay high controls show related videos width height and more.

    • Image Galleries

      Adding image galleries becomes easy with a simple shortcode. Galleries and carousels are set up in a similar fashion. We select the images, set the type of gallery and more. This video explains the details and shows how to set up galleries completely.

    • Image Carousels

      For those webmasters who would like an animated gallery, the carousel shortcode makes it easy. I show you how to select images from your media library and how to set the width, height, link, source and more. Also, in this video, I show you the other details including: how to select images from the WordPress media library speed of the animation duration of the animation and more.

    • Galleries/Carousels: Issue To Watch Out For With Category Pages

      There is a bug with the Gallery and Carousel shortcodes when selecting images from a category. Please watch this video to see the issue.

    • Shortcodes Ultimate Quiz 2

      Let's keep testing our knowledge of Shortcodes Ultimate.

  • Conclusion
    • Bonus Lecture: Learn More Advanced Shortcodes

      Hey, this is Bruce. I want to thank you for completing this course on Shortcodes Ultimate The Basics. Do you want to learn more advanced, more cool shortcodes? Well, I have another course on Shortcodes called WordPress Shortcodes Ultimate Advanced Expert. It offers much more powerful shortcodes including: how to make money on your website with paid content how to encourage your site visitors to signup to become paid members how to schedule content such as wishing your website visitors happy holidays or even announcing your website anniversary how to create animation and many more

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