Master Adobe Lightroom Fast

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This Adobe Lightroom training course from Camera Stupid is designed to get you started using Adobe Lightroom to organize, edit, and backup your photos as quickly as possible. Adobe Lightroom is a fantastic tool for amateur or professional photographers looking to streamline their workflow and produce professional photographic results for their clients or personal enjoyment. In this digital age, many photographers struggle to maintain the thousands of photos they take each month. Adobe Lightroom solves the problem of photo organization with a robust collection system and keyword tagging features. Never misplace a digital photo again! No prior Adobe Lightroom knowledge is required to benefit from this course. You can apply what you learn in this course to your existing workflow. This course is designed to get to the point quickly and clearly, giving you more time to do what you love. Each lesson is recorded in High Definition and allows students to follow along on the instructor's screen. The training will begin by demonstrating the basic steps to import photos, group them into collections, and tag them with relevant keywords. The course will cover backup strategies and offer advice for keeping your photos secure. From there we will dive deeper into editing techniques, presets, tethering, tone curve, panoramas, and file formats. By the end of this video based training course on Adobe Lightroom you will be able to successfully manage your own growing photo portfolio using a tool that many photographers consider to be the industry standard. You'll be able to create and manage your own presets, and export them to share with friends or fellow photographers. You'll be able to apply non-destructive edits to your photos that will drastically improve them and get the look you desire. Most importantly, you'll be able to rest assured knowing that your photos are safe, organized, and accessible with just a keystroke. Who is the target audience? This Adobe Lightroom course is perfect for any photographer who is new to Lightroom or is interested in learning how to use it to organize, edit, and backup their photo portfolio. If you're already a Lightroom pro, this course is not for you.
  • Installation and Setup
    • Introduction

      Welcome to the Master Adobe Lightroom Fast course, where you will learn how to organize, edit, and safely backup your photo library. My name is Mark, and I'm a full time photographer shooting product, portrait, and event photography. In fact the bulk o

    • Adobe Lightroom Installation

      There are a couple options for how you purchase Adobe Lightroom. In this lesson I go over your options.

    • Create your first Catalogue

      Catalogues are the way Lightroom organizes your photos. In this lesson I show you how to create your first one.

    • Importing Photos into Collections and Collection Sets

      Importing photos sounds like a simple task, but make sure you double check the options I cover in this lesson. Plus, learn how to organize your photos into collections.

    • Keywording

      Keywording is a simple but important feature in Adobe Lightroom. Learn how to add keywords to batches of photos and search your catalogue

    • Understanding Backups

      Keeping your photos backed up is essential to a secure photo management strategy. Here are my reccomendations.

  • The Develop Module
    • Lightroom is Non-Destructive

      Learn what non-destructive editing is and how to take advantage of it in Adobe Lightroom.

    • Retouching a Portrait in Lightroom
    • Importing/Exporting Presets

      In this lesson, learn how to import and export Lightroom presets. Plus -how to keep them organized in customer folders.

    • The Adjustment Brush

      The adjustment brush is a powerful tool in Adobe Lightroom. Learn the basics in this lecture.

    • Get the Matte Film Finish Using the Tone Curve

      One popular post processing look that I've seen come and go over the past couple of years aims to imitate the look of film photography developed onto Matte finish photographic paper. I have to admit, there are times when this type of look can add a warmth

    • Create a Panorama

      Here's how to stictch multiple images together to form a panorama in lightroom.

    • Spot Healing

      Need to remove blemishes or unwanted spots? Use the spot removal tool!

    • HDR

      Here's how to combine multiple exposure source images into a single HDR image. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.

    • Graduated Filters

      Sky blown out or too bright? Fix it with a graduated filter in Adobe Lightroom.

  • Other Photography Tutorials
    • How to Make a Time Slice.
    • How to Replace a sky in Photoshop
    • Adding Textures and Glows to your photos in Photoshop
    • Smoothing a White backdrop in Photoshop
    • Non Destructive Dodge and Burn in Photoshop
    • Add Some Magic to your Photos with Photoshop Actions
  • Bonus Stuff
    • Beginning DSLR Photography - Take Better Photos Today!
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