Making Graphs in Python using Matplotlib for Beginners

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Data and analytics are becoming increasingly important in our world and in modern day businesses. To start off with data analytics (and ultimately provide nice images of our results), we need to be able to plot our data, preferably in the way we imagine it in our heads. Matplotlib provides many great plotting opportunities and methods for data visualization, and in this course we will be looking at some introductory methods for getting started with creating plots in Python. Once we have a starting point for plotting data we can easily expand our knowledge to different areas to make sure we can best represent all of our data. Who is the target audience? Anyone interested in analyzing data Anyone who needs to visualize data People who want to incorporate data visualization into their vode Anyone who is interested in expanding their Python knowledge
  • Basics of plotting with matplotlib
    • Introduction to Matplotlib
    • Importing Libraries in Python
    • Dealing with Files in Python
    • Making Line and Scatter Plots
    • Adding Labels, Titles, Axis Ticks, and Changing Line Styles
    • Rotating Axis Ticks, Adding Text and Annotations
    • Adjusting Plot Sizes, Adding a Legend, and Saving the Plot
    • Creating 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional Histograms
    • Changing the Axis Scale
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