Making a VR Experience in Unreal Engine 4

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With the sudden rise of high quality virtual reality hardware, many are left scrambling to create content for this exciting new platform. This course, Making a VR Experience in Unreal Engine 4, will walk you through the basics of what VR is and how you can start making good use of it. You'll learn how to set up a VR project from scratch in Unreal as well as how to build systems of interaction that make use of a tracked headset. You'll also learn how to control interactions through the HMD and avoid playing an action or animation when the viewer isn’t looking at it. When you're done, you'll have a good foundation to build on as you create your own unique VR experiences.
  • Course Overview
    • Course Overview
  • Getting Started with VR
    • VR vs Traditional Media
    • VR and Motion Sickness
    • Locomotion in VR
    • Dealing with the High Performance Needs of VR
    • Geometry vs Normal Maps in VR
    • VR Museum Experience Planning
  • Creating a VR Camera and Game Mode
    • How to Setup a Custom VR Game Mode
    • How to Create a Custom VR Character
    • How to Use a VR Character in Your Level
    • How to Use Character Possession
    • How to Attach Objects to Your VR Camera
  • Using Blueprints to Trigger Objects by Looking at Them
    • How to Build Gaze Overlap Blueprints for Our VR Characcter
    • How to Make and use Collision Volumes
    • How to Communicate Between Our Pawn and Level Blueprints
    • How to Teleport a Character from One Location to Another
    • How to Activate Teleport with Specific Button Controls
    • How Create a Visual Indicator for Our Teleport Pads
    • How to Toggle an Indicator Light with a Glance
    • How to Bring Our Puzzle Box Animation into Matinee
    • How to Activate a Matinee in the Level Blueprint
    • How to Create a Fade Effect with Matinee
    • How to Control Our Teleport with a Matinee Event Track
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