LINQ Training

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LINQ – Language Integrated Query is a way to write queries on various data sources specially collection of objects, sql database, xml document. The queries syntax is very similar to SQL queries and includes similar features like sorting, filtering, grouping, joining and calculating. LINQ now is an integral part of C# language features and internals of it are depended on Extension methods and delegates topics.

According to Anders Hejlsberg the chief architect of C#. “Microsoft original motivation behind LINQ was to address the impedance mismatch between programming languages and database.”

BestDotNetTraining’s Online LINQ Training begins with all the prerequisite features of C# language which were added from 3.5 framework and goes on to understanding LINQ Queries Syntax and eventually concentrates on LINQ to SQL .

  • LINQ Centric C# Language Extensions
  • Linq Architecture
  • Linq Queries
  • Linq to SQL
  • Linq To DataSet
  • Sample Project with Complete Source Code
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