LINQ to SQL Tutorial

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A detailed video tutorial about LINQ to SQL. This is a 20 Part video series.

  • LINQ to SQL
  • Insert Update Delete using LINQ to SQ
  • How to view LINQ to SQL generated SQL queries
  • Using stored procedures with LINQ to SQL
  • Insert Update Delete using stored procedures
  • Stored procedures with output parameters
  • What is SqlMetal
  • Lazy loading
  • Eager loading
  • Difference between eager loading and lazy loading
  • Single table inheritance in linq to sql
  • Single table inheritance - saving to database
  • Compiled queries in Linq to SQL
  • How to directly execute sql queries
  • Identity Cache in Linq to SQL
  • Difference between optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control
  • Concurrency in Linq to SQL
  • Handling ChangeConflictException
  • UpdateCheck property
  • Using ROWVERSION or TIMESTAMP to detect concurrency conflicts
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