Learning C#

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C# is the language at the heart of many Windows applications, including Windows Phone and Windows Store apps. And if you have a programming background, you can get up and running with C# in as little as three hours using this course. Author Gerry O'Brien introduces C# and the Visual Studio IDE; the core language elements such as data types, variables, constants, functions, and loops; and object-oriented programming with classes and namespaces. Plus, learn how to handle exceptions with the try-catch-finally mechanism and manage memory resources. Then get a brief tour of two fully functional Windows Phone and Windows Store apps to see what the final results look like. There are also five challenge videos that allow you to test your C# prowess, and five matching videos where Gerry explains the correct solutions.

Topics include:

  • Installing C#
  • Working with loops
  • Controlling program flow
  • Using variables
  • Building functions
  • Creating and instantiating classes
  • Catching errors
  • Managing resources with the garbage collector
  • Building collections
  • Introduction
  • Introducing C#
  • C# Language Elements
  • Object-Oriented Programming in C#
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • Resource Management in C#
  • Extensible Types in C#
  • Windows Apps in C#
  • Conclusion
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