Learn The Basics Of Python For ArcGIS Course

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Why not be a better GIS professional?

Learn the basics of Python (data types, structures, lists, strings, tuples and conditional statements) and how to use them in ArcGIS Pro to explore: spatial data, the usage of dictionaries, manipulate spatial data, read and write geometries to text file. 

Work side-by-side with the presentation and feel free to ask questions when you don't understand something. 

Please feel free to suggest any new lesson on this or any other GIS and programming subject.

FAQ: Can I use Python for ArcGIS desktop and ArcGIS online, not just for ArcGIS Pro?

Yes. ArcPY is the library that is used for all of the three options. Please read the communication from ESRI ArcGIS Pro FAQ Help page:

"ArcPy and the ArcGIS API for Python are complimentary libraries; ArcPy allows you to use, automate and extend desktop GIS, and the ArcGIS API for Python supports the same for web GIS.

An example would be using ArcPy to manage local data, adding them as layers to a map and using geoprocessing tools to create outputs and service definition files. The ArcGIS API for Python could then be used to publish the definition files to the web GIS, compose a web map or share those layers with others."

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Basic knowledge

  • GIS, ArcGIS, Windows functionality

What will you learn

  • How to use Python in ArcGIS
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