Learn the Alphabet in Spanish

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Learn the Spanish alphabet chant with Abuelita. This simple course is will take you line by line through the Alphabet in Spanish until you can say it with confidence. By the end of this course you will be able to recite the Spanish Alphabet chant effortlessly. Repeat the names of the Alphabet letters in Spanish with Abuelita! Learn the Spanish names of each alphabet letter Recognize the beat of the chant Practice right along with Abuelita for memorization Recite effortlessly. Most of us learned the English Alphabet right along with learning how to speak. If you are learning Spanish it is time to learn the Spanish Alphabet! This course it good for ages 4 and up. Included in the course are coloring pages and practice worksheets. Print and color the pictures to use on your own. Who is the target audience? Children and adults
  • Learn the Alphabet in Spanish!
    • Introduction to the Spanish Alphabet
    • Spanish Alphabet: Lines 1 & 2
    • Spanish Alphabet: Lines 3 & 4
    • Spanish Alphabet: Lines 5 & 6
    • Spanish Alphabet: Lines 7 & 8
    • Spanish Alphabet: REVIEW
  • BONUS: Preview our LEVEL 1 & 2 Bilingual Spanish Reading course
    • Learn about Abuelita Spanish
    • Writing readiness: using lines on writing paper
    • Vowels: Letter A
    • Consonantes: MA
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