Learn How To Create Multi Org Structure In Oracle Apps R12

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Students can Learn the Below Topics:

  • What is the Business Structure?
  • What is the Multi Org?
  • How to Implement Multi Org to our Business?
  • What are the Responsibilities required for a User?
  • How to Create a Location and Business Group?
  • How to Create a General Ledger Responsibility?
  • How to Create a Calendar in GL?
  • How to Create a Chart of Accounts?
  • How to Create a Key Flex Field in GL?
  • How to Define a Ledger?
  • How to Create a Operating Units?
  • How to Set the Profiles?
  • How to Create the Required Responsibilities to User?
  • How to Set the Security Profiles?
  • How to Attach the Responsibilities to User?
  • How to Create a Workday Calendars?
  • How to Create a Master Inventory Organization?

Basic knowledge

  • Basic knowledge on Computers

What will you learn

  • ┬áLearn How to Create Multi Org Structure in Oracle Apps R12
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