Learn How to Build an E-Commerce Website by WordPress

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Learn  How to Build an E-Commerce Website By using WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin, Building an online  complete shopping store. Building E-Commerce Website By WordPress E-commerce Site  is an online shopping store for selling/buying physical products or digital services, we'll use WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin to create this large project, if you are really serious about creating an e commerce website, then this course for sure is you. Some of the Important Sections and Lectures of This Course Creating the Website Of WordPress  Installing The WooCommerce Plugins Product and Tax Setings Creating the Checkout System Creating the Payment Options Manage The Sales and Reports Setting Up The Shipping Options Customize Your Store Who is the target audience? This course is those who want to learn How to Build an E-Commerce Website By using WordPress and WooCommerce .
  • Introduction
    • Introduction To Woo-commerce
    • What About This Course ?
  • Getting Started
    • what is woocommerce
    • installing wordpress for ecommerce
    • create your account
    • the main pages on the site
  • setting up shop with woocommerce
    • getting and installing WooCommercce
    • initial configuration
    • installing sample product data
    • A tour of WooCommerce
    • General Settings
    • Product Settings and Management1
    • Product Settings and Management2
    • Product Settings and Management3
    • Tax Settings
    • Checkout Settings
    • Shipping Settings
    • Accounts Settings
    • Emails Settings
  • Adding Products
    • Adding a New Product
    • Working with Product Data
    • Adding Images to a Product
    • Managing Product Variations
    • Managing Digital Products
    • Managing Product Reviews
  • Customizing Your Store
    • Configuring The Store Index Page
    • Customizing The Sidebar
    • Configuring The Front Page and The Product Category Navigation
  • Managing Sales
    • Testing The Customer Experience
    • Managing and Receiving The Orders
    • Managing and Customizing Reports
    • Creating and Managing Coupons
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