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Do you love English? Me too. That's why we're here because English is a key to the world. Join me and others from around the world as we practice our English skills and get to know each other. I have taught, coached, and edited for hundreds of non-native English users for 14 years, in four countries. Let me put this experience to work for you. I concentrate on helping people prepare for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT. I also edit and proofread documents, websites, and university applications. As you might have guessed by now, I live and love the English language. And, yes, I know English can be difficult; but it is also beautiful, and it can give you so much pleasure. Come, try it out. You'll be glad you did. Who is the target audience? All the students who want to learn English should take this course. Anyone interested in improving your English skills in order to succeed in your Academic and professional life. Who wants to join a multinational, pursue studies abroad, or simply gain greater confidence expressing yourself in day to day life
  • Vocabulary
    • How to increase your vocabulary
    • MEDICAL - Vocabulary
    • Travel Vocabulary
    • Vocabulary - EVEN- even though, even if, even when...
    • Vocabulary - though, although, even though, despite, in spite of
    • Vocabulary - look, look like, look alike...
    • SEEM - Vocabulary
    • War & Military - Vocabulary
  • Phrasal Verbs
    • 'TURN' in Phrasal Verbs - turn on, turn off, turn over...
    • 'GET' in Phrasal Verbs - get down, get off, get through, get up, get away...
    • 'HOLD' in Phrasal Verbs- hold up, hold to, hold out...
    • 'KNOCK' in Phrasal Verbs - knock out, knock up, knock over...
    • 'LOOK' in Phrasal Verbs
    • 'FALL' in Phrasal Verbs - fall for, fall in, fall behind, fall through...
    • 'TAKE' in Phrasal Verbs - 'take to', 'take in', 'take after'...
  • Grammar
    • Grammar - The Sentence
    • Grammar - Negative Prefixes - 'un', 'dis', 'in', 'im', 'non'
    • Grammar - EACH OTHER & ONE ANOTHER
    • Advanced Grammar- Collective Nouns
    • Grammar - Comparing- funner & faster or more fun & more fast
    • Grammar - comparing with LIKE & AS
    • Grammar - UNLESS & IF NOT - negative conditional
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