Learn Conducttr - Part 2

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Conducttr is a multi-platform interactive storytelling tool... think of it as photoshop for transmedia storytelling. Includes course materials such as twitter profile icons and presentations. The course will take approximately 1 hr to 90 mins to complete. Conducttr is a professional transmedia production and management tool used on projects from independent designers to major brands.
  • Storyworld Recap
    • Recap and Development of Storyworld
  • Using the Whiteboard
    • Whiteboard - adding images and time lines
    • Whiteboard - adding Scenes and Characters
    • Whiteboard- Index Cards
    • Whiteboard - Touchpoints and Assets
  • Personalizing experiences
    • ADD to Group Action
    • Matchphrases 2 - Using logic operators
    • Anticipated Triggers
    • MOVE to Group Action and Group-dependent Content
    • Attributes and Change Value Action
    • Conditions and Combo Conditions
    • Combo Groups
    • Configure SMS account - using Twilio
  • Project Management
    • Audience Panel 2
    • Content Table and Scenes
    • Script Report
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