Learn Camtasia & Audicity 2 in one course

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install & run Quickly create screen-capture videos for training or for Udemy courses Learn tips and tricks to produce videos faster Record your voice on camtesia & audacity Record a screen cast (a computer screen recording) Edit the video to take out mistakes Record voice for your video Remove noise from audio Understanding the complete process of editing your video Understanding the complete process of editing your audio Edit ur audio and video with cuts and transitions Add music picture & video to your timeline Learn to produce your video and capture it on udemy Produce your videos with the best settings ever Have fun learning this course
  • camtesia studio 8
    • Introduction
    • Install & run camtesia
    • Prepare script audio
    • Record your screen
    • Saving file & project management
    • Getting started:editor tour
    • Apply smart focus to zoom n pan
    • Cut unwanted media on timeline
    • Add a callout to direct viewers attention
    • Visual properties & animations
    • Produce & share your video
    • Connect your mobile devices in camtesia
  • basic audio editing in audacity
    • Overview
    • Install & run
    • How to record MP3
    • How to save recording
    • How to remove background noise
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