Learn C++ and Create Shapes with 2D Arrays and Nested Loops

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Dive into C++ and its multidimensional arrays and loops, and learn how to create various interesting patterns in this classic college exercise. Multidimension arrays can be difficult to understand for many students. But once the concept is understood, knowing how to use them is a breeze. This FREE course helps you on your quest of understanding multidimensional arrays in C++. You'll learn how to use them within loops effectively and how to manipulate array indexes to create variety of shapes: Box Shape Letter "X" Shape Plus "+" Sign Shape Boxed Letter "X" Shape Boxed Plus "+" Sign Shape CheckerBoard Shape All these shapes will be create using an text input file, and printed into a text output file, giving you the additional practice of C++ language: C++ Input and output (C++ I/O), Input Validation and Decision structuring. So if you are stuck with C++ arrays, need a little refresher or hint, or just want to compare your solution with other programmer's approach, this short course is perfect for you. Who is the target audience? The course will be most beneficial for self taught programmers or college students studying C++ language. The course shows a solution to a specific exercise, and you are encouraged to try to find the solution before refering to solution presenting in this course
  • Overview of the project
    • Project overview, requirements, and creating functions for our project
  • Before we can draw the patterns...
    • Reading from the input file
    • Validating input
  • Drawing the patterns
    • Drawing the Box pattern
    • Drawing the "X" pattern
    • Drawing the Plus Sign pattern
    • Drawing the Boxed "X" pattern
    • Drawing the Boxed Plus Sign pattern
    • Drawing the CheckerBoard pattern
  • Final Source Files
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