Learn Basic Commands in Linux Shell

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This course is teaches the basics of using the linux shell, and is intended as a first course in using the terminal. In next 30 minutes you will learn get familiar with linux terminal by understanding how navigate the directory structure, how to list content of directory and understand how file permissions works along with how to change file permissions. Topics include: How to open the linux terminal All about directories Listing a directory’s contents Understanding file permissions Changing permissions This course is a lite version of our main linux shell course for beginners. I hope you join me as we explore basic linux file and directory structure together. Who is the target audience? Any Fresher Who Wants to Learn Basic Linux Shell Commands Expert who Needs to Brush up Basic Linux Shell Skills
  • Introduction
  • Starting with Terminal
  • Basic Directories Commands
  • Understand File Listing
  • How File Permission Works
  • Changing File Permissions
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