Learn Adobe Photoshop from Scratch

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Photoshop is single most important tool for graphic designers and we bring together a course crafted for easy understanding and quick assimilation. This course starts with basic design introduction and follow it up with tools like Selection tools, manipulation tools , creation tools and workspace tools. You will also learn professional design principles and tips and tricks to get you started on photoshop. This practical course focus on the most important photoshop techniques and follows an unique task based pedagogy which is great for beginners and intermediate learners alike.

What will you get out of this course?

A complete hands on training on Adobe photoshop
Practical tips and tricks for professional designers
Task based lectures focusing on learning outcomes
Through discussion on photoshop tools
Detail process lectures on photoshop techniques and Effects..

This course is comprehensive introduction to professional photoshop design principles. You will surely learn a lot and will be to use photoshop in various commercial and personal projects.

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
    • Default Settings, Workspaces
    • Opening and Creating New Documents
    • Layers, Blending
  • Tools
    • Selection Tools
    • Manipulation Tools- Basics
    • Manipulation Tools - In Action
    • Manipulation Tools - Final
    • Creation Tools - Basics
    • Creation Tools - Usage
    • Creation Tools - Advance Features
    • Creation Tools - Other stuff
    • Creation Tools - Final points
    • Workspace Tools
  • "Workflow"
    • Work Flow - Basics
    • Work Flow - Usage
    • Work Flow - Advance
  • "Photo Correction"
    • Perspective Distortion
    • Liquefy Adjustment
    • Double Raw Conversion
    • Image Processor
  • Effects and Techniques
    • Sliced Photo with Mask
    • Textured Portrait Person
    • Background Blurring
    • Haze Effect
    • Grunge Effect
    • Making Images Pop
    • Creating a Vignette
    • Creating Facial Hair
    • Combining Images
    • Creating a Drop Shadow
    • Whitening the Infinity Wall
    • Creating Weather
    • Creating Smoke
    • Alien Skin Effect
    • Outro
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Maira Yaqub
Maira Yaqub

Awesome instructor and best tutorial for beginners.

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