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When it comes to storytelling through film or video, sound design is crucial to the success of your narrative. This course explores the history of video sound design, and helps you understand the workflow, development, and elements of a successful soundtrack.

Scott Hirsch starts with the basics, discussing the history and legacy of sound for film, and working through the core concepts and elements of a compelling sound design. Next, he takes you through a sound design workflow, highlights the different elements of a soundtrack, and shows professional examples of sound design in a few real-world projects. He also explores the future of the soundtrack, discussing the core concepts of immersive audio, as well as real-world applications of 3D audio.

Topics include:

  • The history and legacy of sound for film
  • The role of sound in visual media
  • The elements of a soundtrack
  • Following a sound design workflow
  • Editing dialogue and producing sound
  • The role of sound effects
  • Mixing a soundtrack
  • Exploring the future of sound for visual media
  • Core concepts of immersive audio
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