Introductory To HTML and CSS

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This FREE course is for anyone who is an absolute beginner and wants to get introduced to the world of developing and designing websites online. In this course we will start with the basics and you will learn how to build the structure of a simple webpage with HTML. Then you are going to learn how to use CSS and add basic styling to a webpages. Each section has a project that you can create in order to help further understand and apply what you will be learning in this course. This course is designed for absolute beginners and anyone who is new to web development, HTML and CSS. Who is the target audience? Anyone who is ether new to HTML and CSS
  • Introductory To HTML
    • Introduction To HTML

      In this video you will get an introduction on what you will be learning throughout this course.

    • What is HTML

      Let's spend a little bit of time talking about what exactly HTML. In this lesson you will be building your very first webpage!

    • The Basic Structure of a Webpage

      In this lecture you will learn how to create the basic structure of a simple webpage

    • How to add text to a webpage

      Text is very important and it is found everywhere on the web! In this lesson you will learn how to add text to a webpages using simple HTML.

    • How to add an image to your website

      Images are important too! Let's learn how to add a simple image to our webpage.

    • How to link webpages together

      Websites on the internet generally link to each other. In this video you will learn how to link two webpages together

    • How to create a list

      Let's create a list using HTML for our webpage.

    • Your Final Project For This Section

      In the final video of this section of the course you are to create a simple webpage like I have here.

  • Introductory To CSS
    • Introductory To CSS

      Now that you know the basics of HTML its now time to dive into learning CSS.

    • What is CSS?

      Let's explore CSS a little bit further and how we can use it to make our websites look a lot better.

    • How to link to an external CSS style sheet

      It's always a good idea to keep your HTML and CSS separate. In this lesson you are going to learn how to set up an external CSS file for your website.

    • Working with classes and ids

      Classes and Id's are commonly used to style elements on a webpage.

    • Your Class Project

      Here is your class project for this course. Good luck!

    • The solution to the CSS class project

      Here is the solution to the final project of this course. Congrats you know have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS!

    • Learn How to Become a Web Developer
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