Introduction to SW QA Testing Professionalism

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Are you looking for the new career in your life? How about to receive a job of your dream that can set up you quickly in the life with respectful income! How about to become a real professional without any experience! How about to join to the industry that spending billions on quality of the products! Are you a fan of modern new technologies? Do you know that QA Testers are responsible for success of Facebook, Twitter, Google and everything what have been developing for the human in Software field till Today? This is your time to join to the great society, calling IT/Hi-Tech community and to create a new technology that people will love and use every day. Join to this Free course to discover the professional side of QA Software Testing.
  • Introduction to the course
    • Content of the course

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    • Some words about QA and why it is important to start being a professional
  • QA Foundation
    • QA Role and Responsibilities + SW Development Life Cycle
    • Standards/Requirements and their role
    • QA Testing Life Cycle
  • QA Software Testing
    • QA SW Testing approach
    • Black Box Types of Testing
    • Black Box Types of Testing (Continue)
    • Testing Coverage
  • Closing Words
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    • Bonus Lecture: How to improve your skills and professionalism
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