Introduction to Rendering in Maya 2011

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In this Maya tutorial, we will explore some of the core rendering tools and features of Maya that every rendering artist needs to be familiar with. This tutorial is designed for users who are just getting started with rendering in Maya, so we will not be focusing heavily on using lights, materials, or recipes to give your render a specific look. Instead, our focus will be on helping you build a strong foundational knowledge of rendering in Maya by talking about many of the key tools, features, and concepts that every rendering artist in Maya really needs to be familiar with. In this tutorial, we will also learn how to resolve some rendering-related issues that you may encounter, and we will focus very heavily on helping you develop good habits and strong workflow practices that will be extremely beneficial to you as an emerging render artist. Software required: Maya 2011.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Introduction to Rendering in Maya
    • Understanding the Maya Render View
    • Using the Render Region in Maya
    • Saving and Comparing Renders Within Maya
    • Using Anti-aliasing in Maya to Improve Render Quality
    • Using the Interactive Photorealistic Renderer (IPR) in Maya
    • Creating Custom Rendering Presets Within Maya
    • Using the Resolution Gate to Frame Objects
    • Importing and Exporting Materials from the Hypershade
    • Viewing High Resolution Textures in the Hypershade
    • Adjusting the Clipping Planes of Our Maya Camera
    • Batch Rendering an Animation in Maya
    • Setting Renderable Cameras in Maya
    • Adjusting the Resolution of Rendered Images Within Maya
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