Introduction To Programming With Python

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This course is designed for the new learner. This is a base course that introduces the student to programming concepts. There is not much programming in this course, but instead it builds terminology knowledge to prepare for a programming class. If you have ever taken a programming class and failed, or are just beginning, this class is for you!

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Basic knowledge

  • Learn the basics to prepare for any programming language

What will you learn

  • Understand how a program works
  • Understand how hardware and software work together
  • Understand how computers store data and why we use data types
  • Understand the difference between compilers and interpreters
  • Understand how to create logical diagrams
  • Explain the reasoning behind input, process, and output
  • Understand why functions are used
  • Understand what variables and arrays are and how they are used
  • Understand calculations and order of operations
  • Understand decision and repetition structures, loops
  • Understand boolean logic
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