Introduction to Product Management

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If you are thinking to transition into product management or if you just started as a new product manager this course is for you. Discover how to efficiently manage products by learning concepts, processes and tools. This course is an introduction to product management concepts and tools. It focuses on roles and responsibilities of a new product manager in a larger organization. Also, if you are an experienced product manager or want to prepare for the AIPMM® certification exam we recommend to use additional resources to cover exam relevant knowledge areas more in-depth. Sign up for this course to learn the fundamentals of product management today! Who is the target audience? New product managers Analysts and project managers moving into product management positions Students interested in a product management career
  • Product Management Fundamentals
    • Welcome

      This lecture we provides a brief course overview.

    • Background

      In this lecture we will cover the evolution of Product Management.

  • Product Management Concepts
    • Managing The Product Life Cycle

      in this lecture we will cover the Product Management Life Cycle

  • Branding and Positioning
    • Product Branding

      In this lecture, you will learn: Why good brands are more than a logo and trademark What we can learn from great brands Three principles to help build a better brand

    • Product Positioning

      In this lecture you will learn: - how to analyze your competitor position - how differentiate your product with your marketing mix - how to create a positioning statement

  • Product Design and Development
    • Design Thinking

      In this lecture you will learn: - how to use the Design Thinking approach for product development - how to conduct user interviews to develop a problem statement - how develop solutions in brainstorming, prototyping and testing activities

    • Agile Product Development

      n this lecture you will learn: - what are the differences between plan-driven Waterfall and value-driven Agile approach - when should you use the Waterfall approach and when is Agile better - how to implement the most popular Agile framework - Scrum

  • Insights From Silicon Valley Product Managers
    • Managing a Healthcare Insurance Platform

      Matteo Zanella is Senior Product Manager at CollectiveHealth which the world's first cloud-based employer self-insurance platform.

    • Managing an Online Learning Marketplace

      Stephen McCurry and Nik Laufer-Edel lead Product Management at Udemy which is the largest marketplace for online learning

  • Conclusion
    • Wrap Up

      Wrap up and closing remarks

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