Introduction to Premiere Pro CC

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In this Premiere Pro tutorial, we'll go all the way from importing media from various sources to building our rough cuts, adding polish, and exporting a finished product for the world to see. We'll tackle real-world scenarios, footage, and real-world problems that trip up newer editors. Along the way, we'll learn tons of tricks to use the program quickly and efficiently. By the end of this Premiere Pro training, you'll have a firm grasp of the workflows you'll need to know when using Premiere Pro from start to finish. Software required: Premiere Pro CC 2015.
  • Introduction and Project Overview
    • Introduction and Project Overview
  • Introduction to Premiere Pro CC
    • Setting up a Project
    • Understanding the Interface
    • Importing Media
    • Dealing with Offline Media
    • Adjusting the Interface and Organizing Media
    • Checking and Adjusting Audio Channel Configuration
    • Creating a Rough Cut
    • Fine-tuning Your Rough Cut
    • Adding B-roll
    • Adding Music and Balancing Sound
    • Adding Transitions and Audio Fades
    • Adjusting Motion Parameters
    • Animating a Clip Using Keyframes
    • Adding Practical Effects
    • Adding Effects to Multiple Clips and Masking and Tracking Effects
    • Adding Basic Titles and Lower Thirds
    • Adding Scrolling Credits
    • Practical Color Correction
    • Creative Color Grading
    • Exporting Your Movie
    • Understanding Additional Export Options
    • Archiving Your Project
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